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The Australian Sheep & Wool Show’s ancestors were the country’s first organised ‘Sheep Shows’ held at Darlington, Vic, during the early 1850s.

Today’s Australian Sheep & Wool Show, (previously known as THE MELBOURNE SHEEP AND WOOLCRAFT SHOW), had its origins in a meeting held at Scotts Hotel, Melbourne on August 28, 1877.

The meeting was held in order to establish the Australian Sheep Breeders’ Association with “the prime purpose of conducting an exhibition of sheep in Melbourne in August every year”.

The show was first held at the wool stores of Goldsborough Mort & Co (1878-1938), followed by a period at Dalgety & Co (1939-1956) before relocating to the Melbourne Showgrounds in 1957.

The Victorian regional centre of Bendigo, a geographical mid-point for farmers across the main sheep producing areas, has been the home of The Australian Sheep & Wool Show (THE SHEEP SHOW) since 1999.